A Wicket Good Time!

Papillion Manor’s People Energizing People (PEP) Club coordinated their First Annual Croquet Tournament that took place Saturday, August 13th.  It was an event for the entire community with employees, residents, their families, and many organizations in the area showing their support.  A portion of the proceeds went towards The Vetter Foundation. This foundation was formed in 1992 by Jack and Eldora Vetter  to support the various needs of Christian organizations serving the less fortunate, and to impact and improve the quality of education in health care.

Croquet can be played in a number of formats, but we chose to play classic 9 wicket croquet (we bent a few rules to make it user friendly). Two teams played each other at a time, weaving their way through the wickets, until each of their croquet balls hit the final stake. With the rules explained, and after a brief tutorial, the teams were ready to begin playing.

The tournament began with a round robin so that each team would play at least 3 games. Each team played two games in the round robin and their resulting records were used to seed the tournament. Once the tournament began, it was single elimination until an eventual champion was crowned. The three finalists were: “Bun in the Oven” taking first place, “Why ME?” coming in second place, and “The A Team” finished third in the tournament. Though it was a competitive event, the teams had a lot of fun joking and laughing their way through each of their games.

The participants weren’t the only ones having a ball.  Many Papillion Manor residents came outside to watch the games take place and enjoy the fun atmosphere.  Teams were encouraged to dress in their best “preppy” outfits so others could vote on their favorites.  Throughout the day participants were seen campaigning to win votes.  Various quality partners donated raffle items, door prizes, and food and beverages to make the event a big hit for those who came out for it. We really appreciate the generosity of everyone who helped make the tournament such a success and those who came out to play.  We hope to see you all next year!